What is SmplCMS?

SmplCMS is an open-source alternative to Wordpress, Drupal, and other CMS/Blog platforms. I created it for two simple reasons: One I wanted a minimal performance oriented CMS that will run on bare minimum hardware and two I wanted full autonomy of how exactly the platform will work. The basic core CMS functionality has already been implemented such as blog support, pages, admin panel, WYSIWYG editor, image upload, and menu editor. In the coming months I plan to implement a lot more features including full page and database caching, theme system, and of course a plugin system. The code is available on or you can view the official page on my website. Please note this project is not complete as is missing some functionality so use at your own risk. I will be implementing a comment system soon where you will be able to comment your suggestions, any bugs found, etc. But for now you can do all of that on the official Github issues page.

Edit #1: I forgot to mention that this site is running on a $6/year OpenVZ VPS



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